[About Me]

Okay! First of all I have no idea how to start this, ha! This isn’t really an official super tech-y or super accurate gaming review blog. I mean, yes, I’m a gamer, yes, I have a rig and yes I have other interests that may or may be other people’s interests.

Anyway, I’m going to officially kick this off by saying, my mom and my girlfriend both said nothing good can come out of spending so much time gaming, to which my response was, PVP me, n00bs! HAHA!…

Okay, I’m kidding, my honest response was/is to stare at them and hold my breath, hoping they’d stop ranting soon because there is truth in ‘You can’t pause multiplayer’ and I didn’t want to let my team down (Priorities.).

So, this site is basically just a blog where I can talk about gaming and other stuff, maybe there’ll be pictures (Yey, pictures!) Also, maybe I’ll post how I troubleshoot Sammy (My rig, I named my rig) when she’s not feeling well…

Okay, I’ll stop ranting now, oh and… My name is Boo, I have two cats and they’re assholes, I’m a big horror movie fan, I like cartoons and anime, also, there’s an adult corner on this site just so I can annoy my girlfriend aha! Yeah, no really. Also, sometimes I’m funny.

Welcome, to games unit. As in G-Unit? Get it? I don’t either… huh..