[Goofy Review] God Eater: Resurrection

Disclaimer: I’m reviewing this as a gamer and I promise to try my best with regards to looking at the technicalities and not just completely fangirl a game I like. Also, SLIGHT SPOILERS, WATCH OUT!

Hours Played: 166

Can has proof!

Picked this title up after a buddy on Discord picked it up and wouldn’t put it down. So, I got curious and asked how the gameplay is, he practically gushed about the thing, said it was basically like Monster Hunter, unfortunately I can’t seem to find an MH port on PC (Maybe because it doesn’t exist? Someone please drop me a tip on this.) I end up looking at God Eater 2: Rage Burst on Steam, ‘lo and behold! God Eater: Resurrection came with it.

Anyway, on to the review!

Graphics: 5.5/10 (Graphics set on highest)

Me at that moment: “… Oh, the mission didn’t say fight a two-story house.”

It’s not majestic, it’s not bad. It’s okay, and I understand this because it’s a port. Also, sometimes the graphics get this kind of horizontal stutter-y tear while running around in the Den, I noticed it mostly when I’m in the Lab area. Other than that, the graphics are smooth where it matters.

Sound: 5/10

The repetitive BGM annoyed me to no end. I turned it down to… Get this, “Smallest”, sidenote: the translations may be a little wonky but just a little. The NPC voices are okay, Tsubaki’s voice, I liked but when I used her as an Operator it… Went down hill. She would constantly announce (NPC’s NAME) and then say Alpha 1 (Which is the PC’s designation) and say that the HP is getting low, I get confused and I die.. Well, my HP did indeed dip to low…

The Smolest sound.

I feel as if some of the too-high-pitched girly voices sounded forced, which made me wish that we had the option to use the original Japanese voices instead and just read the subtitles. Kota’s voice and dialogue made me want to punch him in the face, um… Yes.

I turned down the battle music in favor of the Operator’s call out because even if I think it’s annoying, I find myself relying on the call outs for healing, enemy status and burst status.

I was going to give the Sound category a 4 but then, some of the voices are actually quite fitting for the characters, like the main villain, his voice alone made him sound sketchy.

“My name… Is Betty.”

Combat: 8/10 (I’m Short blade/Shotgun)

Combat, in any game that has combat, is one of the major factors why I get hooked on a game. Even in Sims, I did my best to raise the Kung-Fu skill because FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

Right, anyway, the combat in this game isn’t clunky, it doesn’t flow like, say, Assassin’s Creed or Devil May Cry but it’s doesn’t feel like your character is wearing steel toed boots weighed down by cement and have square blocks for joints. Which, I expected as much because it’s a hack and slash.

Being used to primarily DPS-type characters and combat style, I especially love the amount of dodging (Mid-air dodges are a win.) but at the same time you can also simply block an attack with your shield. I also love the fact that your character isn’t restrained by a specific skill set or a specific weapon set. You can have a number of load outs that you can name using the words the game has provided, your default load out name is Hope Recruit or some lame ass shit like that so, yeah, the first thing I did was name it a different thing because fuck Hope Recruit or whatever the fuck.

The combat escalates, quickly. From difficulty 1 through 6, I thought to myself, well, let’s just hack and slash away, power through with only one set of weapons and stats… I was wrong, I was horribly wrong. I needed to use different things per mission, in one mission I would TRY to be mostly defensive, relying on ranged to do the majority of damage. In another mission I would be heavily offensive (This includes cussing out and insulting the monster as I mash the E key to dodge), sometimes completely disregarding defense in favor of more offence and rely solely on my dodge to not die (Which, okay, I still die… A lot.)

Didn’t dodge fast enough.

I love the variety of enemies/mobs/bosses in this game. I do not love that the stages feel recycled but  I don’t expect a hundred different backdrops for a hundred similar missions when it’s a hack and slash and also a game originally designed for hand held and console.

The combat in this game sometimes forces you to think on your feet, (In my case, while running away because why the fuck am I doing only 20 damage?) You need to ferret out enemy weak points and find out which element they’re weak too, fortunately this game allows you to change bullet elements on the fly.

Devouring is a great part of combat, it honestly is. Devour feels like your power strike because sometimes it’s a lone charged attack and when it’s a quick devour it usually ends your combo. But the thing is it’s not really powerful, it just starts your burst mode or adds to your already  running burst meter.

This rising devour, tho.

The switching between ranged and melee is annoying since I’m used to tapping buttons and having my characters move quickly and when you switch there’s a slight delay because of the animation and sometimes it doesn’t switch as fast as you want it to switch and you end just being… DERP -gets thrown to a wall-.

Harambe’s Revenge.

Lastly, for combat, I understand that the game needs its balance but I find myself often relying on my shotgun as a finisher so, it’s basically stab a lot-shoot a lot-dodge- stab a lot-shoot a lot-dodge. And that gets old.

Character customization: 5/10 (Limited AF)

You can change your name, your gender, your voice, your face, your hair, your hair color, you can add accessories to your head/hair, you can change your clothes. However, you cannot touch your body except your skin color… Um… I meant you can’t edit anything on your body except skin color… In the game… This got awkward.

The outfits are… Well, some are good some are… Too… Frilly? Like, how do you even fight in that?!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Crafting: 7/10

Crafting isn’t intricate at all, gathering mats is the usual grind fest of going back and finishing some of the previous missions. Upgrading is a pain in the ass, you can’t upgrade even if you have all the mats unless it’s been unlocked either by story or by level. Crafting mats that you need requires tickets that drop from missions or drop from a rare type of enemy that looks adorable and is harmless. You also need to craft your clothes.

Hibari… Hibari, stop, I don’t need to hear this.

The upside in all of these? It’s all worth the effort and your soul because that Aragami in that photo? It’s completely harmless.


It’s not slow but it also doesn’t touch your feels. It’s doesn’t feel rushed, I don’t know, like, it’s not as deep as I expected it to be for a Japanese game. It does, however, have its moments.

You also get random cut scenes that point to progression for your character’s relationships with their team mates and other people in the branch but this was left as just random cut scenes, that’s it. At some point it starts repeating itself, and it made think like, “Sakuya, how many friends do you give gifts to in a week? No really, how many? Because this is the like, the fifth present for a random.” But there are also little changes that you may not notice, for instance, in one cut scene Alisa may be nervous when treating your injuries but later on, in the exact same cut scene but in a later difficulty, she’s completely comfortable and even very proficient in treating your injuries.

Yes, this is one of the character specific cut scenes.

However, the story feels very, very shallow and tried to force me to care but I just… Couldn’t. Except for Alisa’s story and Soma’s stories but those were just fucked up. Also, Shio because she’s adorable until she tried to sing so, no. And Lindow’s story was just… what? I also appreciate that they gave him a happy ending, I really do.

The day Senpai finally noticed the Captain.

And, okay, they tried to give it an air of mystery and build suspense by making the eccentric scientist type dude say random cryptic shit but… Nah, like I said, you know who the main villain is by their voice alone and the story is highly predictable.

The mysterious Doctor Sakaki.

Is It Worth It?

Yes, yes it is. Why? Because God Eater: Resurrection comes free when you buy God Eater 2: Rage Burst. Furthermore, these two games are very much worth your money because it’s fun but not mindlessly so… Unlike other hack and slash games.

And, if you like Monster Hunter or JRPGs or Hack and Slash/RPG type games, this game is for you.

Does it get old? Heck, yeah! FOURTEEN difficulties with 5 to 20 plus missions per difficulty. It’s insane, it’s an endurance training if you want to play it for hours on end, finishing one mission after the other. Plus, it has co-op.

Also, this game apparently has an anime, I just might go and watch that, apparently, it’s bad? Maybe, we shall see.

I’ll stop here at 1,600+ words. Peace out folks! Be kind.





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