Games of the Month(s): September-October

Hey folks! So! I’ve recently acquired quite the collection for this month! Some old, some new, some up and coming! And admittedly, I don’t know which to super-srs-game first.

Right-o! Here’s the list:


God Eater 2: Rage Burst – It was originally released for PSVita and PS4. If you buy it on Steam, it comes with God Eater: Resurrection. So, basically I bought two games for the price of one-ish, kind of.

My mom said I could be whatever I wanted to be… So, I became a pink frog.

Above: Screenshot of my GE:R character… And um, maybe ignore those tiny words. I edited this for the Lolz that’s.. Those words aren’t really in-game.


Dishonored 2 – I must confess, I’ve never really gotten around to playing Dishonored BUT now, now I have a chance because I pre-ordered this game on steam and it came with a few other freebies, one of them being Dishonored: Definitive Edition.

I was going to stop there, I swore to myself that I would stop there because I haven’t even played Dishonor yet but…


Resident Evil 6 – A friend got me this so we could co-op and co-op we did! We finished Leon’s story line in 8 hours, I think? I lost track of time. Anyway, I played Leon, she played Helena. Let me just say, Helena should have been the lead character in that play-through.


Team Fortress 2 – I was originally put off with the game being FPS PvP and how people said that the community wasn’t ideal for newbies like me… let’s be real, I’m bad at FPS and then add a bit of pressure in that? I should’ve just renamed myself BloodstainOnWall/Floor.

So yes, I would yell at me because stupid and my ping didn’t help. Buuuut I had so much fun playing with my friends though that being yelled at by a kid (Which, okay that was my fault because I was giving the enemies points by dying so much…) because I had no idea what I was doing was worth it.


Defiance – It’s apparently a game about the show and plays a little like Mass Effect. Not gonna lie. I love it. There. I love this game, yes it’s old, yes the graphics are dated, yes you have limited customization but you have your own vehicle, the leveling is ordinary but at the same time intricate. Crafting is adding mods to your guns, melee exists but it’s more fun to snipe from a far and watch their heads explode. (CRITICAL KILL! Moar XP) Also, it’s free.

Yo mama so white, she glow in cutscenes!

Aaand my friend got me the Season Pass DLC which gives you 5 of the DLCs, including the DLC that adds another playable race, The Castithans, like, wtf, it’s worth it.

I like my women like I like my cops… In uniform. *Badum* *Tssss*

Above is a fine example of a human toon and her gear…


7 Days To Die – It’s old-ish, it’s, I think, still in alpha, we died a lot on the 7th day, the house was in shambles and we had to explain to our friend, who was afk, wtf exactly happened to the house.

“So, dude, um… About the house…”

10/10 would curl up in a corner and cry on the 7th night again.


Ark: Survival Evolved – I got eaten by a level 36 raptor on my first 5 minutes… And just as I thought I finally got the hang of it… Chicken-sized Dinos ate me while I was crouched near a rock, at night. It was horrible, it was fun.


The Secret World – Yes, I came back. This game has spoiled me for other MMOs. And… I may have sub’d to this game, again. Because Issues and free points and totally worth the sub. And the community is glorious! All who guard it are glorious!

“No verds! No verds!”

Also, after 4 years, I finally, finally got the chance to face Klein up-close… That’s him up there… Yes.


The Park – Got it, never played it. This game is tied to TSW and I got it for… THAT’S RIGHT, FOR THE HEROIC GEAR IT CAME WITH… Maybe I’ll play this on halloween.

So now, now I’m playing a little bit of everything with facebook and mobile games in-between because when the waifu says send me hearts in Candy Crush, you will send her hearts in Candy Crush, Soda Crush or whatever.

By the way, all of these games are available on Steam!

Me on Steam.






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