When Life Bites You In The Nuts…

When life bites you in the nuts like a pitbull, locked jaw and everything. So what’s been going on because omg where have I been? I went back to my old MMORPG, The Secret World. Nyaha! But wait there’s more, my hard drive died, so goodbye files. But Boo, didn’t you have backups? I do, in my laptop… This is where life bit me. Hard.

The night was stormy, I ran outta cigarettes… Shit I don’t know. So I decide to go on a cigarette run and yes, the night was stormy as fuck. I decide to forgo my jacket and be like, hoodies are cool so who cares if they’re not waterproof. Anyway, I was changing into my hoodie and my arm caught my low-hanging LAN cable, my LAN cable caught my monitor (That is a blah-blah inch Bravia, anyway it’s kind of big), my monitor caught my laptop’s screen, which was open at the time, and it snaps shut. Or so I thought.


Most recent photo of the culprit. The murdering bastard.

My glasses were apparently on the mousepad of my laptop, I hear a nice little crunch and I was like ‘Hmm? What could tha- NOOO!!!!!’ So I gingerly lift my laptop’s screen and ‘lo and behold! It was broken, cracked to shit, dead! Dead! Dead! Crushed, murdered, DEAD! So, I still decide to go on a cigarette run, mostly I walked… In the rain… Weeping.

So, that very morning, I run to the shop where I bought my laptop. They tell me they can’t fix it BUT they can call the service center. I wait for two hours while they negotiate stuff, by stuff I mean adult-ing things that flew over my head mostly because I was devastated, They finally tell me to go to the service center and that all is going to be well.

The service center guy was an ass. My keyboard is soft touch, he constantly slammed his fore-finger on my keyboard, so I very quietly said… “It’s soft touch, stop. Fucking. Slamming your fat finger on it.” Yes, gone was the passive aggressive me, all that was left was the angry, sad, devastated me. He backed the fuck off, right quick.

They told  me I had to wait a month, I told them, “No, I’m not waiting a month. Fast track this.” They… They said they’d do their best. So I’m going to pay roughly 200 dollars for my screen, which is cheap all things considered and the service is free because warranty.

Anyway, I’m getting my laptop back today, my HD is new, and I’m hoping… That life finally! FINALLY! Let go of my metaphorical nuts. So, I suppose I’m going to update more? Yes.

Lastly, the murdering bastard, my glasses, are ok. The brand is Oakley and yes, it’s legit strong. At least, versus a laptop screen.


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