Role Playing EXP in MMORPGs: Pt. 2

Right, to pick up where I left off…

Like any good parent would, my veteran RP friends finally figured that it was time to give me ‘The Talk’. It wasn’t awkward, I had a shit ton of questions and they answered as best they could, which, like, seriously opened my eyes to human behaviour, I’m not judging, everyone has a kink, you cannot lie to me and tell me you don’t have a kink.

Anyway, if you’re an RP n00blet like I was, here are the veteran tips and tricks I was taught:

  1. It’s okay to say no (Like, you know… In real life.)
  2. Use Fade to Black (FTB) if you don’t want to actively participate in the ERP and your partner/s HAVE to respect this.
  3. For fuck’s sake, don’t just randomly grope a character!
  4. ERP is okay, as long as it is not the SOLE purpose of why you’re RPing, as in, like for the sake of story progression and shit.
  5. I shall quote this because this is beautiful: “An MMORPG is a safe place for people to safely explore their kinks without having to face real life consequences.” It’s a beautiful point.

Right, with those said, let’s move on.

My RP experiences didn’t revolve around ERP, no. I had great fun! Big RP guilds would organize events, sometimes revolving around content, sometimes because of a holiday or a season, or sometimes a simple dungeon run where we played our characters and stayed out of VOIP. The best RP was done in the PvP arena, our actions wouldn’t just be in RP, we actually fought using in-game skills and in-game weapons, all we typed out was banter. We had bar fights, park fights, kidnapped pets, kidnapped guild mates and the occasional philosophical discussion.

I especially loved the field RPs, though. It could be training runs, being bodyguards for a day, spying on rival RP guilds, raiding a major baddy’s lair. We witnessed RP romances bloom into real life. You know, stuff like that.

I guess what I’m getting at with this two part monster is that RPing wasn’t all that bad. I usually did content before slowing down to RP. Like, an after work thing, hang out with friends at the bar or where ever. Discovering hard to reach places and taking friends there to RP. I’m kind of nostalgic now, it was all good fun.

Anyway, if you guys want to give Roleplaying a try, you could hit up forums first, roleplay there, get a feel for it. Then hit it up an MMORPG RPguilds are usually around, they just don’t really announce it but I do know that there are RP servers now. So, I’d say give it a try but don’t forget to do content and watch out for creepers, creepers are everywhere, man.



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