Fear Effect: Inferno; Necroposting

NOTE: This is an old post I had back in Tumblr. Why am I reposting? For attention and visibility of the the Fear Effect franchise. The game was and is still good, yes the controls were weird and I died more times in puzzle-like cutscenes than I did in the actual gameplay but it was good.

Like, when I think about it, I love this game so much that I want it to get picked back up not even by a major dev, you know. Just a dev that would be interested in remaking, redoing, revamping and releasing the supposed third installment.

I was feeling nostalgic for some reason so I went back and checked out the games I used to play in PlayStation and then this title caught my eye.

Fear Effect and Fear Effect: Retro Helix these games were published by Eidos Interactive, now known as Square Enix, and shit these games were good. And Back in early 2000s, the graphics could be considered “tastefully done” Now it’s just.. “WTF is this block-y BS?”


Anyway, both games feature Hana Tsu-Vaschel as the main character, and surprise! Hana’s kind of gay… For Rain, the blonde chick who is in Fear Effect: Retro Helix, as a playable character.


Hana’s a Triad assassin, Rain’s a genius/probably Damien’s sister, love blooms etc. etc. Now, there was supposed to be a third game to this franchise, Fear Effect: Inferno which was supposed to feature a love triangle between Hana, Rain and Glas and other action-y things, they had a demo and a trailer (Which I linked down there…) and everything but it never came out, Eidos apparently scrapped it, hmn. I was disappoint and to this day I am still disappoint, I’m looking at that Inferno poster and my heart gives this little twinge that makes me hate Eidos just a little bit.

Here’s the trailer:

Fear Effect: Inferno Trailer

Credit to youtube user yahari.

They were my very first ship though and wow, my eyes bugged out when I realized that Hana and Rain were actually lovers (Because back in those LGBTQ characters were virtually non-existent – Save for bioware (I love you, Bioware) main characters, who were primarily bisexual.

Anyway, here’s to Hana and Rain, the two ladies who introduced me to fanfiction and ships (Albeit their ship was more like a canoe but who cares). You will be missed and I will keep hoping that someday, the Fear Effect title gets picked up again because we can never have enough Triad assassin/computer genius fighting demons and other things (Possibly a demonic god-like being… Who is also the said genius’ dad).

Square Enix big-boss people, hear my plea! Remake the Fear Effect franchise but in PC!!!


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