RWBY: Semi-Rant, Also tears *SPOILERS*

I know, I know, I know, I’m more than a year late but man, this anime was good. I binge watched vol. 1-3, it started out really light and then… And then, well, this anime is the epitome of ‘Well, that escalated quickly.’ because it did!

I was so digging the Jaune/Pyrrha pairing, they were so cute together. I was thinking, ‘Finally! A loser, a clutz, a loveable idiot gets the ‘It’ girl’.

Look at them, aren’t they just the cutest? ^_^ Squeeeaaaa
maxresdefault (1)
And then there’s this little scene ^_^ Squeeee ❤

Yeah, they spent 2 seasons building this pairing up. Oh, the romance! Oh, the unrequited love! Oh, the sudden requited-ness of the feelings! And then.. And then it all escalated… Real quick-like…

maxresdefault (2)
“I used to be a huntress like you once, until I took an arrow to the GODDAMNED CHEST OK!?”

Anyway, that didn’t end well…

So, let’s take a look at all my other ships in this dark, dark ocean.

Ruby x Weiss?

Nadda, Weiss gets taken away by daddy-o and Ruby heads off to places unknown with TEAM JNPR… Which, I guess would make them TEAM JNRR now… Because RIP Pyrrha…

‘But did they die?’ Are the words that give me comfort in the time I spent watching RWBY vol. 3.

Yang x Blake?

It got real romantic around the end there, too. Yang goes off to find Blake, she finds Blake, Blake gets stabbed so she’d scream, yang becomes Goku…. And then! AND THEN!

Yeah, no.

But fret not, Blake saves Yang and all is good… I’m lying, no it’s not.

Also, before anyone reacts, yes, I’m aware that RxW and YxB aren’t really canon but I ship them ok? I. Ship. Them. So! There! Ha!

So basically, I’m waiting for Vol. 4 because Vol. 3 ended horribly. As in, it ended like the Titanic. Horribly.

As for my feelings, they died at Vol. 3, I was left sobbing in my room, Pyrrha’s tragedy forever etched in my soul.

Anywho! I can’t wait for Vol. 4! Can you? More emotional pain, anyone? I’ll take ten, thanks very much!

Disclaimer: All images are from youtube and wiki. 


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