Asus RoG: Probably a semi-product review

Let me tell you a story… Of a young drifter, travelling from one place to another with nothing but a messenger bag full of random receipts, a sketch pad, a reference book and a lot of pencils, also maybe really, really old candy.

The drifter could not bear the thought of being away for so long from Sammy, their beloved. So, from time to time the drifter heads to a place called ‘Home’ so they may be with Sammy. The drifter, having realized the impracticality of heading ‘home’, decided that that it would be best if they would travel together——-

Okay, I quit that story. I decided to get a laptop because I cannot possibly bring my desktop with me everywhere. Also, really, my house is like, an hour away from where I work and I can’t go home every lunch hour just to play.

I got an Asus RoG, I was so excited because hello? Gaming laptop! But when I got it, I didn’t want to use it for gaming anymore. The keyboard might break, I might get cigarette ash on it, I don’t want to ruin the touchpad, and it goes on and on and on. So it ended up being used for work because it was so beautiful.

This one isn’t mine because I’d take a picture but I can’t be assed to upload to multiple devices guys come on… Don’t make me Q_Q

Anyway! Specs time!

Operating System: Windows 10

GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960M with 2G/4G GDDR5 VRAM

Processor: i7

RAM: DDR4 2133 MHz SDRAM, 2 x SO-DIMM socket for expansion up to 16 GB SDRAM

Storage: 1TB HDD

Screen: 15″

It’s super fast and super cool (As in the temperature but it can go both ways if you catch my meaning eh? Eh? -wink- -wink- -nudge- -nudge-….. Yeah no, moving on.) BUT I haven’t used it for gaming yet.

The beautiful thing is it’s upgradable and that’s new for me! I mean none of my older laptops have been upgradable and I’ve used them for gaming (and they died faster than Lexa did in The 100 😥 .. ahem)

It’s kind of pricey, i have to admit. And I got the mid-priced (if you can still call it that) unit.

Here’s a link: ASUS RoG If you guys want to check it out more or if you’re planning to buy a laptop soon or whatever.

However, I did run into a problem when first using it. I kept getting BSOD for some reason and I found out that it was because of a pre-installed software called ASUS Gamer First. The easiest solution was to uninstall said program and voila! Perfect laptop! 😀

Overall: I’d score it an 9/10 (because of that one faulty software)

Disclaimer: Pics courtesy of ASUS and These Guys.


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